Chris M

If you ask Chris what he`s most passionate about in life, he`ll tell you three things: people, nature, and travel.

To Chris, a work-life balance has always meant a work-travel balance. Ever since he was old enough to set out on his own, he’s been visiting countries around the world.

Growing up, Chris` favorite place to be was in the water. His love of water sports and recreation influenced his decision to travel to places that would let him play in the oceans, lakes, and other bodies of water. Because of this, he’s been around the globe to destinations such as Australia, Asia, and Europe.
After traveling the world for the better part of his 20s, Chris was able to combine his love of travel with his career aspirations when he accepted a job as a Tour Guide. Enthusiastic and social, Chris flourished in the role, which allowed him to interact with people, spend time outdoors, and travel.

Since joining our team, Chris continues to do the things he loves as he brings events to life all over the country. When he’s not out on the road running events, Chris is most likely visiting the ocean, jumping into a lake, or taking a quick dip in a river!